Open church in Finland

This is an odd church if that is what it really is.   First it is tiny, and second it is open to the elements on two sides. They heat it, as you can see below, by open fire. While it calls itself a "church" there are also no crosses or religious decorations or carvings, thus … Continue reading Open church in Finland

Christo, the movie

The movie is a documentary about Christo, yes that is his real name, the installation artist. I was interested as i had walked the Gates in Central Park several years ago, so I was curious about the man and his art. It seems he was a real artist at one time but someone along the … Continue reading Christo, the movie

Pocket 1 Corinthians 8

Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J. (Jesuit) writes that 1 Cor 8–10 should be compared with Rom 14:1–15:6 because it is the same theme. The difference is Romans being the later of the two epistles, is a thematic recap of Corinthians i.e. Romans boils down the essence of Corinthians and crystallizes it in a pithy and memorable … Continue reading Pocket 1 Corinthians 8

New Life Bible everywhere

OliveTree, the bible app from HarperCollins, is selling the e-version of New Life Bible for 5.00. To take advantage of the sale you need to download the free app from OliveTree nd then buy the New Life version through your appropriate store. The app is pretty nice, it runs on iOs, Windows, Android and Kindle … Continue reading New Life Bible everywhere

Pocket Prayer: Isaiah 9 and the Prince of Peace

A famous passage thanks to Handel's wonderful Messiah. The Cambridge Bible writes that " for unto us" refers to the survivors of the judgment. The name “Immanuel,” means “God is with us.” Often as a name it is spelt Emmanuel. and the government Now here is the odd phrase "and the government will be … Continue reading Pocket Prayer: Isaiah 9 and the Prince of Peace

Christmas…the aftermath

While watching Bill Murray's Scrooge & decorating the tree,  my wondering eyes befell, a small squat box that I much neither remember buying nor placing there at all. What could this small square box be? Nothing I asked for, I had gotten three packages back, a mistake perhaps or package I had ... no I … Continue reading Christmas…the aftermath

40 Pocket Prayers: Romans 8

What is the Spirit of Adoption Reverend Adam Clarke gets the nod on this prayer from Lucado. Clarke was a Methodist minister and Bible scholar; his full Bible commentary is well known and where we get the explanation of the Biblical verse the "Spirit of Adoption" means. Clarke writes this is about where frequent a … Continue reading 40 Pocket Prayers: Romans 8

Spurgeon on Matthew 6:9

In comparing Lucado to Spurgeon, here is Spurgeon's version, part of his Morning and Evening Prayers book. Morning, October 29 “After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, etc.” Matthew 6:9 This prayer begins where all true prayer must commence, with the spirit of adoption, “Our Father.” There is no acceptable prayer … Continue reading Spurgeon on Matthew 6:9