Update on Kinkade

Wife of ‘Painter of Light’ Thomas Kinkade seeks restraining order against his girlfriend

The brother of Thomas Kinkade says the renowned painter’s alcohol relapse may have contributed to his sudden death. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

There’s a new twist in the aftermath of the death of Thomas Kinkade, the artist called the “Painter of Light.”  Attorneys representing his wife, Nanette, and estate have filed for a temporary restraining order against Kinkade’s girlfriend, Amy Pinto-Walsh, to prevent her from disclosing information about him, Los Gatos Patch reported.

The publication said court documents from Santa Clara County Superior Court in San Jose showed that the attorneys said Pinto-Walsh had signed a confidentiality agreement on Feb. 25, 2011.

Painter Thomas Kinkade was ‘drinking all night’ when he died

The documents also state that Kinkade died April 5, not April 6 as previously reported, the Los Gatos Patch said. The Patch said that when it interviewed Pinto-Walsh, 54, — a picture of her can be found here where she is stated to be 48 not 54 which coincidently was Kinkade’s age at time of death–  by phone on April 7, & she said she had been with Kinkade when he died at his estate and had called 911.

Amy Pinto-Walsh , an Indian native who was raised in Kuwait,  told the Patch that she had been his girlfriend for 18 months and that he had been separated from his wife for a while.  She is still living in Kinkade’s estate.  She has two daughters from her previous marriage.

‘Painter of Light’ Thomas Kinkade dies at age 54

The order sought by the attorneys for Nanette Kinkade seeks to prevent Pinto-Walsh from making statements that criticize Kinkade or his wife and to prevent her from publishing anything concerning Kinkade, his wife or any of his companies.

Apparently, there are worries about trade secrets, Los Gatos Patch reported:

To back up their arguments, the attorneys included in their petition declarations made by family friends Linda Raasch, Denise Sanders, Robert Murray and Lisa M. Lawrence. …

Murray writes in his declaration that he’s been present in meetings which Pinto-Walsh also attended, during which aspects of Kinkade companies’ business plans, strategies, financial information and other private sensitive information were mentioned.

Based on Pinto-Walsh’s relationship with Kinkade, she had access to information regarding Thomas Kinkade Studios’ proprietary painting techniques, including paint type, brush techniques and the use of computer technology in painting, the records stated.

No official cause of death has been give in the Kinkade case. Kinkade and his wife have four daughters named  Merritt, Chandler, Windsor and Everett.

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