Obit: Frank Moore Cross, Dead Sea Scrolls scholar

Dr Cross was pivotal in decoding the Dead Sea Scrolls. He was also the first to dead those scrolls accurately. All very impressive work. Dr. Cross was born in Ross California on July 13, 1921 the son of a Protestant Minister but  grew up in Birmingham, AL, his family have reloctated back home after his … Continue reading Obit: Frank Moore Cross, Dead Sea Scrolls scholar

I don’t like to write

If you are regular of this intermittent blog, you have to notice by now, I don't seem to like to write.  I did a lot better when I had no "followers".  I was not intimidated by them -- though they remain rather quiet and unobtrusive, I realise that their existence is "inhibiting" me like stage … Continue reading I don’t like to write

Tiffany Devotionals

This article is about how Louis Comfort Tiffany openly marketed his stained glass to the begreaved in what, as this example show, marvelous results.  Unfortunately there is no suggestion of what Tiffany asked from the begreaved, but I have to imagine that this was not a Mom and Pop solitiication but to the Edith Wharton … Continue reading Tiffany Devotionals

Books: His Holiness the Secret Papers

Well finally more details on this debacle.  Seems Paoletto did this with a Computer Hacker at the Vatican for the journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi who published this in a book, "His Holiness:  The Secret Papers".  What the article does not mention was Paoletto's original assertion that this was for the good of his Holiness.  I guess … Continue reading Books: His Holiness the Secret Papers

The Historical Jesus

Selina O'Grady of the BBC has written a book "And man Created God".  Basically it is about the historical Jesus and how that lowly Jewish prophet became a god.  You can tell by those few sentences that of course it a secular (i.e. atheistic) view of Jesus but having known a few of them thanks … Continue reading The Historical Jesus

3 October, 2012 01:42

I posted the other article I had about the hoax. I didn't read it all but posted it up so you would know what the press is saying. Somehow it did not strike me as anything real. But I guess I should keep a running account of these blasphemies ... the whole thing is so … Continue reading 3 October, 2012 01:42