And that’s the point Judge

A judge knocked back the Nativity scene in Santa Monica because  


The judge, however, said Santa Monica proved that it banned the displays not to squash religious speech but because they were becoming a drain on city resources, destroying the turf and obstructing ocean views. 


And that’s the whole point Judge Collins, and you being a smart lady know that — costs are how they destroy free speech and civil liberties.  They wager long and protracted battles that communities cannot afford knowing that they have tons of resources while the community is limited.  The comment on the ocean view had to make me wonder if she was not one of those people being “obstructed” from their sight.

But to fair and balanced, Judge Audrey Collins  did “allow” that 

Churches can set up unattended displays at 12 other parks in the city with a permit and can leaflet, carol and otherwise present the Christmas story in Palisades Park when it is open, she said.

“I think all of the evidence that is admissible about the aesthetic impacts and administrative burden shows that this was a very reasonable alternative for the city to go this way — and it had nothing to do with content,” she said during a hearing in federal court in Los Angeles.


As they say in New Yawk, “Whatever”.  You can read the whole thing here


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