Did you hear…on Facebook and chatter

"Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies." - Oliver Goldsmith I would agree with that. In fact just recently my cousin Olga said the same thing  that I say regarding them in relation to me:  they know little about my life, I thought that funny. I guess that's true  compared to them, … Continue reading Did you hear…on Facebook and chatter

Twelfth Night…January 5th

Fact of the Day: Twelfth Night In the West the evening preceding Epiphany is called Twelfth Night. Twelfth Night marks the end of medieval Christmas festivities and the end of Twelfthtide (the 12-day season after Christmas ending with Epiphany). It is also called Twelfth Day Eve. This twelfth night of the twelve days of Christmas … Continue reading Twelfth Night…January 5th

Who were the 3 Kings?

The oldest of the Magi was Melchoir, King of Arabia. He had a long gray beard and gave gold as a gift, symbolizing the acceptance of Christ as King.Balthazar, King of Ethiopia, was middle-aged, swarthy, bearded, and bore the gift of frankincense, symbolizing Christ as High Priest.Finally, Gaspar was King of Tarsus, in his twenties. … Continue reading Who were the 3 Kings?