Did you hear…on Facebook and chatter

English: Entrance to the lobby of the office b...
English: Entrance to the lobby of the office building at 1601 California Avenue in Palo Alto. Facebook moved into this building on May 14, 2009. Photographed by user Coolcaesar on May 25, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Ask me no questions, and I’ll tell you no lies.” – Oliver Goldsmith
I would agree with that.

In fact just recently my cousin Olga said the same thing  that I say regarding them in relation to me:  they know little about my life, I thought that funny. I guess that’s true  compared to them,  who like to brag and wail about their lives –the horror  of the trivia.  The ridiculousness of moot.   I say nothing.

If I were asked I would answer,  but I never am, because they are not interested in anyone or anything but themselves  But to be honest, I don’t see them spilling the beans and giving me a tell all either instead I hear about the houses they bought, their health problems galore, the latest adventure they have taken on and such but there is no emotional tie to any of it.  It is like recounting a series of daily to-do lists.  They wax poetic about their children who seem to be Kings and Queens of Banality, but that’s about it.

So perhaps this complaint of Olga’s is sheer nosiness?  I dunno to be honest because I don’t know Olga well enough, to say.  Olga though seems to think that is bad, that we don’t know each other. I am not sure why. What am I supposed to do? I don’t come from this new attitude of life as open expose.  Instead,  I tend to the Old Fashion New England / New York attitude of “I have a problem, and I’m working on it”.

I mean it is who I am.  I guess I should ditch that and become the new twenti-first century dude…spill all, think little, emote more.  Yea that’s the ticket, as the psychopathic liar of Jon Lovatz would say.  And I agree…Yea Olga “did I tell you how I broke Lent?”  Now I know she would care about that…she doesn’t even observe Lent.  That tidbit isn’t going to score, so what is?  What is that she wants to know?

T be honest, isn’t that what Facebook is for?  And here’s the kicker, Olga isn’t there.  Oh yes like everyone and their dog she has a Facebook account but she claims she doesn’t know the password and that someone in her office set it up for her.

She says that she  has never been there…she truly is in absentia.  So I guess we are talking about a tell all via email?  That’s really the only way we communicate.  We don’t talk.  So I would have to write this confessional ala St Augustine…I can’t see that.

If I have anything to say, and there really isn’t much, I would say it in person…in the flesh not like some on Facebook who blabber and talk about every little wart and thought to the point of ad nauseam…  I had to turn those people off, I mean I’m not that interested.   I need people to edit themselves, not tell more.

But from what I can tell some people never shut up.  Literally.   I have a niece named Lucy who tells me more than I want to know…or care to know.  I don’t care, so says Kyle on South Park, and I have to add, Why are you telling me this, does it have some meaning that I am missing?

Lucy would respond that it’s all “Buddha”.  I get a lot of that from Lucy on FB and if I turned that around and told her to read the bible and find God she would be aghast and probably run and tell Mummy on that night fortnightly mobile call.

I did try once, calling people up and saying  did you hear about Lucy?  I had forgotten that everyone in my family is already on Facebook, except her mother and no one seems to be telling her.  So telling them would get me no where as they could easily read her daily diary if they too were interested, but based on the familial comments that isn’t happening either. So that leaves me with wondering, now that I know what do I do with it?  Archive it away for another day when this all becomes “important”, to whom?

Or is the circle complete, now that I too and armed with gossip that I nor anyone else that I know, either care about or could use.   Does that mean that gossip and dirty family secrets is over?  That I sincerely doubt, instead what I really think is that… here’s the tell all Olga, are you listening,?

I forgot, she doesn’t subscribe.  Oh well, so much for that.

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