Deuteronomy 33. 1 The Voice

Mount Sinai ("Gabal Musa")
Mount Sinai (“Gabal Musa”) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

notes from the Voice.

33 Before he died, Moses, the man of God, blessed the people of Israel with this blessing.

The Lord has “called Israel His own” in the way that cities and territories in the ancient world are named after those who have explored, settled, or conquered them. It is understood that the person whose name is attached to a place will have continuing interests there, such as preventing anyone else from taking the crops, oppressing the people, and so forth.

So since the Lord’s name is literally all “over” the people of Israel, providing shelter and protection, anyone who wants to harass them has to answer to Him but  so His great is his reputation that it alone will keep them safe from marauders.

If his people are trusting and obedient, they will be protected from spiritual dangers and attacks by the power and the glory of Him.

Now the verses:

2 Moses: The Eternal came from Mount Sinai:
He glowed like the dawn over Mount Seir;
He shone like the sun over Mount Paran;
He arose in the middle of His chosen ones, gathered in their tens of thousands.

And I wondered why 3 mountains and where are they regarding each other only to find out that Mt Horeb, Mt Sinai and Mt Paran are all names for Sinai.  So what of what Mount Seir?  Well Mt Seir is a real mystery which no one can ascertain as to where it is in the Wilderness of Paran.  Most believe it is at an intersection of the Trans-Sinai Highway forming a triangle of it, Mt Sinai and the highway itself.  So in many ways, Mt Seir is a “ghostly” mountain, referenced but cannot be found absolutely on the map.

Mt Sinai is the father mountain with many names and the highway, is the road and the way between them.  The symbolism here of the Holy Trinity is amazing and beautifully rendered, if only we took some time to figure out it, but of course it is never easy to do because the Bible is a wisdom book.  That means that  hard work and study  needed to unveil it’s mysteries.


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