Sin of Peor, Joshua 22

New Life Version, Joshua 22: 17 “All the people of the Lord say, ‘What sin is this that you have done against the God of Israel? You have turned away from following the Lord this day, by building yourselves an altar. Today you have gone against the Lord. 17 Is not the sin of Peor … Continue reading Sin of Peor, Joshua 22

Is the NT enough?

A complete  Bible was a desirable goal but  the  Old Testament    is considerably    longer  than   the  New Testament,   and  the New Testament   had already required   four years   to complete.   However,   something    happened    at  this   time   to  make translation     faster..and it was the advent of the personal computer.  Incredibly in the same four years that it … Continue reading Is the NT enough?

Gleason Ledyard gets the urge to write

Still traveling, but beginning to feel aimless, one night  they pulled  off a dirt road  in a remote  area  of British Columbia   and  Gleason  got out  some translations    and  other  books they  had with  them.  Filled with a purpose that he could not explain, armed with  a notebook  and  small torch,   he began to translate … Continue reading Gleason Ledyard gets the urge to write