Is the NT enough?

A complete  Bible was a desirable goal but  the  Old Testament    is considerably    longer  than   the  New Testament,   and  the New Testament   had already required   four years   to complete.   However,   something    happened    at  this   time   to  make translation     faster..and it was the advent of the personal computer.  Incredibly in the same four years that it took to adapt the NT to simple English, the Ledyards were able to do the whole OT and they had completed the whole Bible in easy to read and understand English.

The Ledyards were happy.

The New  Life  version was  intended   mainly  for use by persons with  a limited  English  vocabulary,  and it is used in this way around the world. Is distribution   though is not limited  to this  clientele.  People with a good command  of English  appreciate   the version  for its clarity and  ease  of understanding.    It peels  away  theological   jargon   and tells the story inplain words and phrases.  What people found puzzling before is understandable   now.

Here  is the most famous Psalm of all, in the New  Life  Version.

The Lord is my Shepherd.   I will have everything   I need. He lets me rest  in fields of green  grass.  He leads  me beside the  quiet  waters.   He makes  me strong  again.

He leads  me in the way of living  right  with  Himself which   brings  honor to His  name.

Yes, even  if I walk  through   the  valley  of the shadow  of death,  I will not be afraid  of anything,   because You are  with  me. You have  a walking   stick  with  which  to guide  and  one with  which  to help.

These  comfort  me.

You are  making   a table  of food ready  for me  in front  of those who  hate   me.  You have   poured   oil  on  my  head.

I have everything   I need.

For sure, You will give me goodness  and loving-kindness  all the days of my life.

And then  I will live with You in Your house  forever  (Psalm   23).

The New Life version has spawned other helps and other books by Gleason Ledyard. Each copy of the Bible contains a section titled “Topical Study Outlines.” These outlines provide an introduction to the major points of theology for the reader.
In addition to help in the Bible, Ledyard has authored  a paperback titled Walking in New Life, is a compilation of l,OOO verses of Scripture arranged to  follow the issues of life.

The ministry  of Gleason and Kathryn  Ledyard now spans the world, and the  end is not in sight.  One can only imagine  what further developments might come from these dedicated partners  in ministry who learned obedience by taking the gospel to the Eskimos and following God‘s leading from then until now.


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