Joshua was old and stricken…

Now Joshua was old and stricken in years; and the LORD said unto him, Thou art old and stricken in years, but here remaineth still a lot of  land to be possessed..and then God charges Joshua with his task.

Today I came upon that passage in my readings…Joshua was old and stricken…with what?  Well probably infirmity, illness, disease, despair, arthritis and so on.  He was not like Moses old and healthy and full of life that’s to be sure.  Joshua was old.  I hear people at 75 say I’m very old, though my 88 year old Uncle Arthur, doesn’t think so.

The Victory of Joshua over the Amalekites

While we do know that Joshua lived 110 years when he died but not exactly when Joshua xiii happened, but does the number matter?  All that really matters is that God said he is old and should continue working.

Uncle Arthur, the 88 year old retired doctor from the Motor City,  says that having a goal in life is the key to continuing on otherwise one goes about aimlessly and drifts through their day,  and each day rolls into the other and before you know it you’re punch drunk with life and tune out.

He in his elderly wisdom  is echoing this sentiment…”God charged Joshua with a task” so that he would not just drift about and do nothing but realize that he was still able enough to get the job done and not feel sorry for himself.

Perhaps it is something this Bright Monday, that  we all need to realize, that goals and plans and purpose make a life — whatever the age and that there is so much of talking and gossip that stir the mind before it tunes it out, and thinks “I’ve heard this story before”.

I’ve been thinking about that today, and I realize that I’ve let goals slip by without nary a thought.  I’ve treated time like a man with tons to spare, but in reality that is not true.  It’s a sobering thought so I’ve been getting organized today with a “purpose” in mind, not just idle tidying…and I must admit it does give some focus to the day and my part in it.

Joshua 24:29 After this, Joshua the son of Nun, the Lord’s servant, died. He was 110 years old. 30 They buried him in the land he was given in Timnath-serah, in the hill country of Ephraim, north of Mount Gaash. 31 Israel served the Lord all the days of Joshua…amen

Book of Joshua xiii v. 24-29

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