What is a Myrrh-Bearer?

In the post on St Mary Magdalene, I wrote that the Saint "returned to Jerusalem together with the other Myrrh-bearers,".  But what are they ?  And what was the purpose of this ritual? Well Myrrh-Bearer is the name given to the women, including His Mother,  that were present at Christ's passion and then went to the … Continue reading What is a Myrrh-Bearer?

Today we celebrate Saint Mary Magdalene (Madeleine)

 Today we celebreate Mary Magdalene, The Holy Myrrh-bearer and Equal to the ApostlesReading from the Synaxarion ( which is a term relating to the compilations, lectionaries, and indexes that  been compiled over the centuries. In the Orthodox Church, the Synaxarion is an abridged collection of the “Lives of the Saints,” intended for reading in public … Continue reading Today we celebrate Saint Mary Magdalene (Madeleine)