The Return to Judges

We stopped at the end of May with Judges 5, so we are up to Judges 6.  Judges 5 coincided with my leg spasms and most of June and a lot of July it has been too painful to concentrate on much; I see the orthopedist on Monday for relief.  It’s been an agonizing time & now like Jacob, I walk with a limp and sometimes a cane learning like he to depend upon the Lord and not myself.

For me, this has happened because I suffer from neuropathy.  Most neuropathies are related to diabetes or cancer.  I have neither so it is probably from some genetic cause. 

So all that, done, back to Judges.  This is where I left off, on my grandfathers, 125th birthday, though he has been long asleep – about 40 years now.  For those who want to refresh our path you can start there and look back.