Christmastide in the PRISON

MILWAUKEE — IT’S the singular guest at a prison who receives a standing ovation from inmates. I’ve heard of only two: Johnny Cash (who despite many a misconception never was in prison himself) and Percy Pitzer, a man who was but as a warden). Pitzer  retired from the system in 2012 & started promptly thereafter … Continue reading Christmastide in the PRISON

Lee Rigby: update

The Major update is the killers of the British Soldier, Lee Rigby,  who was "beheaded" at Easter have been founded guilty. The PM is weighing whether the Death Penalty, Hear Hear!, should be instated for this "the most heinous" of crimes.  I agree.  The Bible is very clear that murderers (killers who are hostile) should face … Continue reading Lee Rigby: update

Where there is order, there is happiness

Order means light and peace, an inward liberty and free command over one’s self; order is power. It is the ability to find, to use, to know what you have when you need it. If aesthetic and moral beauty exist, then they are the resultants of order: the first a perception of it and the … Continue reading Where there is order, there is happiness