Where there is order, there is happiness

Order means light and peace, an inward liberty and free command over one’s self; order is power. It is the ability to find, to use, to know what you have when you need it. If aesthetic and moral beauty exist, then they are the resultants of order: the first a perception of it and the second a submission to it and finally in the realization that  man’s being by, in and around one’s self is filled with order…filled with beauty.

Without order there is chaos; and man cannot thrive in that; which is why God parted the heavens , made order and then created Man.  It couldn’t have been any other way.  You cannot put the card before the horse and except to go anywhere.


1. Where there is no vision, the people perish.
 Proverbs 29.18

2. Failure to prepare is preparation for failure.


3. A life without a serious objective is a moral failure.
    W.W. Comfort, French Romantic Prose, 1928

To do anything well you must prepare meticulously. Preparation does not waste time or delay the beginning. Preparation is the beginning.

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