Lee Rigby: update

The Major update is the killers of the British Soldier, Lee Rigby,  who was “beheaded” at Easter have been founded guilty. 

The PM is weighing whether the Death Penalty, Hear Hear!, should be instated for this “the most heinous” of crimes.  I agree.  The Bible is very clear that murderers (killers who are hostile) should face the death penalty.  Jesus never argued with anything in the Old Testament  and the “Law of Moses” and liberals who want to preserve murderer’s lives at the taxpayers expense forget that. 

I do know that there are people like my father who disagree and feel that we should let them live so they can have repentance. It is the Christian Way &  are of course exclusions for the death penalty..in the Bible with the big one being accidental slayings are something we need to understand and forgive.  No one is perfect… and Deuteronomy 19  says that plainly

And suppose one of them swings an ax to chop down a tree, and the ax head

flies off the handle, killing the other person. In such cases, the slayer may flee

to one of the cities of refuge to live in safety. (I would taka city of refuge to be a jail).

 But killing for pleasure or profit has to be dealt with and severely. See here again  in the same chapter book of the Old Testament.

11  But suppose someone is hostile toward a neighbor and deliberately ambushes

and murders him and then flees to one of the cities of refuge.


12 In that case, the elders of the murderer’s hometown must send agents to the city

of refuge to bring him back and hand him over to the dead person’s avenger

to be put to death.


13  Do not feel sorry for that murderer!

Purge from Israel the guilt of murdering innocent people; then all will go well with you.

           Deuteronomy 19:11


3 thoughts on “Lee Rigby: update

  1. Sounds good but “hangs over them” assumes they are capable of guilt. How does that work with someone who feels justified in the killing. I can’t see anything hanging over them other than a dry roof. Thanks


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