Judges 6: Gideon’s Trumpet

Filled with the spirit of the Lord, Gideon blows his trumpet calling all the men of Abiezer out in force. At the same time the  Midianites and their allies prepared for their annual invasion and pillaging and had gathered their allies in the valley of Jezreel  (Hebrew for God will sow) which is about  235 … Continue reading Judges 6: Gideon’s Trumpet

Judges 6: Dreams

While Gideon was brave and obedient enough to build an altar, he remains immobile to the Lord's instructions and continues about his business despite that there is a Baal consecration in his own house. From the various things I have read, Baal having an altar at Joash's house was uncommon and meant that Joash was … Continue reading Judges 6: Dreams

Judges 6: Enter Gideon

The Lord Jehovah's  messenger appeared to Gideon. and tells him  that  " The Eternal One is with you, mighty warrior." (The Voice 6:12).  This does not impress Gideon and instead of being thankful, Gideon complains to the angel and tells him that is surprising that because they are suffering so.  He scoffs at being delivered from Egypt, too … Continue reading Judges 6: Enter Gideon

Judges vi: Pleading for mercy

Israelites hid in the caves in the mountains with little to eat as the Midianites destroyed their herds (camels not cows, remembering this is the desert), flocks (sheep) and crops, and  they cried to the Lord Jehovah and asked for deliverance and mercy. Times are so bad that even when processing the wheat, one has … Continue reading Judges vi: Pleading for mercy

Judges Chapter 6, The Midianites are in Control

Last we saw there was singing and jubilation in Judges with Deborah and Barak singing the Triumphal poem,  Song of Deborah.  But nothing lasts forever and in the next chapter, six,  evil has corrupted the hearts and minds of the Israelites once again and the Midianites  have conquered them. The Midianites are descended from Abraham … Continue reading Judges Chapter 6, The Midianites are in Control

Catching up to Christmas

I'm sorry to get out so late but I'got waylaid with pneumonia for New Year's; I think that this is the second time in this ten year span and the third overall.  I did post on that great day, but my last post was not published here but instead sent to my cousins, and like … Continue reading Catching up to Christmas