The Bible on Money Handling

The HuffPo put out an interesting post on some of the best verses from the Bible on handling money from the author's point of view. I don't totally agree, maybe you don't either, but this is a snippet of his choices. You can read his reasoning over here. 1. Philippians 4:19 "And my God will … Continue reading The Bible on Money Handling

Recapping Judges 8…so far

With the two kings slain, Gideon & Israel are victorious. Obviously troubling is Gideon’s taking of booty ; problematic is his comment about the battle at Tabor. There is little I can find that even explorers that comment, most just write it off as a non-sequitor, but we just did have a battle at Tabor … Continue reading Recapping Judges 8…so far

Solitary Confinement on the way out

Solitary Confinement on the way out New York State has agreed to sweeping changes that will curtail the widespread use of solitary confinement to punish prison infractions, according to court papers filed on Wednesday. Under the agreement, New York becomes the largest prison system in the United States to bar the use of solitary confinement for … Continue reading Solitary Confinement on the way out

Snow update…Shovelling Frenzy

I did try to post daily...and I did for a while but the blizzard the day before Valentine's concurrent with an electrical outage that killed a hard drive, made that impossible.  Since then I've been shovelling, and trying to get everything back up.  I was amazed at Windows 7 Ultimate rebuild went rather quickly this … Continue reading Snow update…Shovelling Frenzy

Babynames: Arvella

Mrs Schuller's name surprised me; I had never heard of the name Arvella so I searched around and found nothing.  Then I looked at the US Census and discovered via Nameberry that at the turn of the 20th Century it was quite popular and #1 on the list.  Here it is for both the boys … Continue reading Babynames: Arvella