Snow update…Shovelling Frenzy

I did try to post daily…and I did for a while but the blizzard the day before Valentine’s concurrent with an electrical outage that killed a hard drive, made that impossible.  Since then I’ve been shovelling, and trying to get everything back up.  I was amazed at Windows 7 Ultimate rebuild went rather quickly this time.  I was surprised actually.  And then it snowed.  And it snowed some more.  And since the Valentine’s Eve’s blizzard it’s snowed 6 inches every night.  I finally gave up trying to keep up with it today and let it go.  It was light and the weather report tells me it is supposed to warm up drastically in the next few days, so I was lazy and decided to let it go.

Bad, huh?  I thought so and ran from the window when the mailman came…he thanked me last week.  I was worried he would regret that compliment and instead of greeting him at the door, as I often do, working from gives you that privilege, I hid like a skunk.  I’m sure there is a proverb in that, I haven’t checked that either.

Oh yeah and then my notes, that I keep on my Nook’s SD card, blew out too on Sunday.  That really bummed me out.  Sunday was bad all around.  There was so much so that night that Church cancelled its morning session.  I found that that bothered me surprisingly, as the services are very early and I hate getting up for them.  So I was up and dressed and ready to go and noticed that the place was absolutely quiet, so I called up the Cantor and asked what had happened and he said that the priest had cancelled services because some people had not gotten shovelled out.

So I worked on other things that Sunday like my needlepoint Rose, I love roses and shovelled some.  At night I usually read and get my notes together for the next bit of Judges when the Nook just poofed out like those old black&white tvs.  I turned it off, and checked it and sure enough the SD card blew out.  I wasn’t happy considering I have never backed that up, like I do the desktop, and all the things I read, annotate and mark are on that.

So Sunday was not a red banner day.

Yesterday was President’s Day, more snow of course and more shovelling.  Everything is white out there and all I hear are snow plows going up and down the street.  Everything looks like a white desert…no life, no movement, trees filled with snow.  Everything laden with snow.  That said, tomorrow WunderGround is still saying more snow and 38 degrees.  I don’t understand that at all.  Thursday is warmer with Friday and Saturday warmer still and then as before the great Freeze, it rotates back to cold.

That had been the norm this winter:  freezing cold with alternate days of sun and warmth so that the snow that feel on the freezing day went away with the sunny ones.  That all changed in mid-January when the great Freeze came upon us and then the temperatures just plummeted down and down and further down until nighttime temperatures of negative 10 were the norm.  

Things are warmer now.  Nighttime temperatures are around 0 Fahrenheit.  That’s actually not too bad, it’s still cold but there is a big difference between negative numbers and 0 and low positives.  It’s amazing what the difference is; it’s more amazing that I know.

Hope your days have been sunnier.

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