Why Weezie bothers me

So you are wondering why Weezie bothers me.  The answer is short and to the point…PRIDE.  3 weeks in church there was a sermon the evils of pride as listed in Revelations.  PRIDE is the foremost of all the sins because as a rule it leads to almost all the others.  Because you are too proud to get a divorce, lust and adultery come your way…Because you are too proud to admit you are fat, gluttony is your friend..hey another helping (or dinner technically) won’t matter…Because you are proud, sloth and cleaning up is a way of life…No one comes here and those that do are “used” to it…and so on.

Because of my “pride” when Jack and Louise(Weezie’s real name) invited me to their house I did not go because I am fat and in poor health and did not want them to know.  Because of my pride, I was not there for them.  It hurts like an arrow through my heart.  I have to change.

Clean Monday is coming…this Monday in fact.  It’s time for a break.  This cannot continue, it really is a deadly and horrible sin.  There is no doubt in my mind and worse, I did not see it. I was blind…pathetic isn’t it?

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