Walls Church, Cebu City, Philippines

Walls Church, Cebu City, Philippines

CAZA designed the church exterior as a complex arrangement of monoliths, like the most famous of Ayers Rock, in Northern Territory Australia (aka Lulu) so that they seem to hurl out of the earth and cast itself onto the land and so representing the enigmatic relationship between man, earth, worship and God.

All the walls are placed so that in one direction is the building completely opaque and from the other, opposite direction, they are totally transparent.  No mention what those directions are in the article over in ArchDaily


The walls are aligned along a grid that follows the spacing of the pews marking the relationship between the two: and the interplay of the minute scale of the individual and the cosmic scale of the universe. Anywhere you look at the building in between these two states is an optical play of light and dark.

The monolithic quality of the walls plays off the fleeting reality of the colored light that filters through the clerestory windows.

English: Sunset at Uluṟu („Ayers Rock“), centr...
English: Sunset at Uluṟu („Ayers Rock“), central Australia Deutsch: Sonnenuntergang am Uluṟu („Ayers Rock“), Zentral-Australien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The idea is that the sacred space is inexorably linked to our temporalness of our being while our architecture aspires skywards toward the Permanent. It was completed January 2013 and has the incredible size of 8924 square meters or 2 ¼ acres or almost two football fields long. It sits though only a thousand.

There is a YouTube on its construction that you can view here..

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2 thoughts on “Walls Church, Cebu City, Philippines

  1. If you find other vantage points, do let me know. Thanks Jack. I guess you didn’t stay overnight for the sunrise? When we went we camped as we were told it was the “thing” by my sil, the inveterate bush-walker. It was worth it.


  2. What an interesting architectural structure. You’ve given me the inspiration to research more about it to see what it looks like from other angles! I also love the Sunset at Uluru. Great looking photo.


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