The Prodigal Son and Fasting

English: Peresopnytsia Gospels. 1556-1561. Min...

Through the parable of today’s Gospel, Luke 15:11-32, our Saviour has set forth three things for to realize:

  1.   the condition (length and severity) of the sinner,
  2.   the rule of repentance,
  3.   and the greatness of God‘s compassion.

Those who have wrought many great iniquities, usually have persisted in them for a long time, , oftentimes  fall into despair, thinking that there can no longer be any  forgiveness for them.

So being without any hope, they do not stop from these very sins; neither do they talk or pray  to their Father  because they feel it would not matter, as all is lost and He would not listen.  I know there have been times I have thought that, only to realize upon reflection, my error.

Therefore, the divine Fathers, that they might root out the ignoble passion of despair from the hearts of such people, as well as rouse them to deeds of virtue, have proscribed how to Fast and in that way show them  God’s compassion, as well as  teach them that there is no sin — no matter how great it may be — that can overcome at any time, His love for man.

The Gospel of St. Luke from the Good News Bible.

1 Jesus went on to say,”There was once a man who had two sons. 12 The younger one said to him, “Father, give me my share of the property now.’ So the man divided his property between his two sons.

13 After a few days the younger son sold his part of the property and left home with the money. He went to a country far away, where he wasted his money in reckless living. 14 He spent everything he had. Then a severe famine spread over that country, and he was left without a thing. 15 So he went to work for one of the citizens of that country, who sent him out to his farm to take care of the pigs. 16 He wished he could fill himself with the bean pods the pigs ate, but no one gave him anything to eat.

17 At last he came to his senses and said, “All my father‘s hired workers have more than they can eat, and here I am about to starve! 18 I will get up and go to my father and say, “Father, I have sinned against God and against you. 19 I am no longer fit to be called your son; treat me as one of your hired workers.” ‘

20 So he got up and started back to his father. “He was still a long way from home when his father saw him; his heart was filled with pity, and he ran, threw his arms around his son, and kissed him. 21 “Father,’ the son said, “I have sinned against God and against you. I am no longer fit to be called your son.’

22 But the father called to his servants. “Hurry!’ he said. “Bring the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on his finger and shThe Return of the Prodigal Son, Emmanuel Colle...oes on his feet. 23 Then go and get the prize calf and kill it, and let us celebrate with a feast!

24 For this son of mine was dead, but now he is alive; he was lost, but now he has been found.’ And so the feasting began.

25 “In the meantime the older son was out in the field. On his way back, when he came close to the house, he heard the music and dancing. 26 So he called one of the servants and asked him, “What’s going on?’27 “Your brother has come back home,’ the servant answered, “and your father has killed the prize calf, because he got him back safe and sound.’

28 The older brother was so angry that he would not go into the house; so his father came out and begged him to come in.

29 But he spoke back to his father, “Look, all these years I have worked for you like a slave, and I have never disobeyed your orders. What have you given me? Not even a goat for me to have a feast with my friends! 30 But this son of yours wasted all your property on prostitutes, and when he comes back home, you kill the prize calf for him!’

31 “My son,’ the father answered, “you are always here with me, and everything I have is yours.

32 But we have to celebrate and be happy, because your brother was dead [to me and God], but now he is alive; he was lost, but now he has been found.’ ”

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