Agnosia and Alfred Hitchcock

agnosia — The mental inability to recognize objects persons sounds and shapes and even smells.

Click on this  AGNOSIA and you can see a bunch of other cool mental defects that could be really interesting to play around with in a short story or novel.  What if you present your protagonist as normal but as the story unfolds you discover that they are missing some things…some rather odd things and the reason is that they are impaired.  How do you handle a heroine that is not perfect?  What do you do with him?  To follow along and see how they unfold the story or do you chuck it and see, They’re sick who cares?  I betcha you become intrigued..

I came up with this because of the Yale  seminar on the physical brain (chapter 2) that I am listening to via the Teaching Company…perhaps other ideas will come as well. I know that Hitchcock often trolled psychiatric texts for ideas for his movies …