pysanka, n. [‘ An intricately decorated Easter egg of a type traditionally made in Poland and Ukraine, produced by drawing a pattern on an egg with wax and then applying dye (which cannot penetrate the areas covered by wax), then repeating this process with successive layers of wax and dye, so that once all the … Continue reading Psysanky

The Great Lamentation

1267–1337 • EARLY RENAISSANCE The Lamentation 1304–6 FRESCO 200 × 185 CM (78¾ × 73 IN) CAPELLA SCROVEGNI (ARENA CHAPEL), PADUA, ITALY In contrast with the flat, expressionless paintings of Byzantine art, Giotto created a more realistic style that made the biblical events seem more real to viewers. The diagonal rock focuses attention on the group of mourners. … Continue reading The Great Lamentation