Ghazali Monastery, Sudan

  Along the east wall of the al-Ghazali monastery in Northern Sudan near the Nile River, Polish archaeologists, Szymon Maślak & Dr. Grzegorz Ochała, both from the University of Warsaw, excavated a row of 15 toilets.  Sounds dicey but it is an important discovery  because " nowhere else in Nubia has such a large sanitary … Continue reading Ghazali Monastery, Sudan

Anthony Trollope on the Importance of Counting

From  the beginning of my  literary  work, I made it my rule  to  write  an  allotted number  of pages every day. I  arranged  a system of  work  for myself, which I would strongly  recommend to those who feel,  as  I have,  that  labor, when  not  made absolutely obligatory by the circumstance, should never be allowed  … Continue reading Anthony Trollope on the Importance of Counting

Maisel on choosing

I just read the book What is Art and one hundred other questions by Ernst Billgren, which was great.  One of the questions was What should I do? or something similar and then I happened over to DailyOm,  as I want to finish reading Overcoming Creative Anxiety by Eric Maisel, PH. D. Psychology but I … Continue reading Maisel on choosing