Vlad Tepes Castle for Sale

5-22-2014 11-50-43 PM

It seems that Count Dracula’s feudal home, Bran Castle,  is for sale by the Romanian government.  Asking price?  80 million.  I’m not sure if that’s in USD or Bitcoins these days.  I doubt it’s Romanian Leus,  which are currently running 1,000 Ron to 309 U.S.dollars. 

Lovely pic though isn’t it?  Well if you want to see more, the Castle has its own site, where you can read about its glorious & inglorious history and then take a video tour.   Click here to watch.

Count Dracula has a wonderful past, heavily embellished by Irish writer Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula.  It is a great book btw; I heartily recommend it, 

The truth of Vladimir’s real life is so obscured though  by now it is hard to tell what he really did, but this little bit is known:

Vlad Tepes was the prince of Wallachia, a region in Romania.  He took the name of Dracula (son of the Dragon) in honor of his father.  He was defender of Eastern Orthodoxy  against the Muslim (Ottoman) Turks onslaught, and as such made many powerful enemies. His enemies spread propaganda about him, but his followers did the same, making him seem crueler and meaner so that the Turks would not invade the empire.

Tepes’ deeds and atrocities made such an impression, that a very unflattering epic poem was published on the Gutenberg movable type printing  press just eight years after the the first Bible was printed about him. 1

All of which worked out well for both Vlad and Bram.  RIP.

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