Duccio on Christ before the Pharisees

The surroundings for the scenes in which Pilate appears (Christ Accused by the Pharisees and Pilate’s First Interrogation of Christ)  take place in the governor’s palace.Christ before the Pharisees

The slender spiral columns of white marble and the decoration carved along the top of the walls seem to refer to classical architecture. Pilate too, portrayed with the solemnity of a Roman emperor and crowned with a laurel wreath, evoking classical antiquity.

It is interesting to note how the latter’s face still bears the slashings caused by medieval religious fervour. The function of the beams placed on the capitals supporting a light and apparently unstable wooden roof is harder to explain.

As in the gospel, the group of Pharisees, animated by lively gestures (again the hand with pointing finger), is depicted outside the building: the Jews avoid going inside in order not to be defiled and to be able to eat the Passover meal.

This was painted  via Egg Tempera on Wood in 1308, Sienna Italy

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