Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.
Hebrews 12:1  NIV

Karen began the marathon filled with confidence. She had been training for months. She knew the course well and trusted her body. The weather was perfect. But ninety minutes later, she was overcome with a fatigue like none she had ever known. Not only was she exhausted, she was nauseated. Her feet and legs screamed for mercy.

She paused at a water station and considered giving up completely. She was about to step off the course and call it a day when a seasoned runner approached her.

“Looks like you’re having a hard time,” she said cheerfully. Karen mustered a weak smile.

“Come on—I’ll run with you for a while. See that sign up ahead? Think you can make it at least that far?”

Karen willed her body to continue. For the next few miles, her companion slowed her own race to keep pace with Karen’s. Every half mile or so she pointed out a goal to reach—mailboxes, stoplights, street signs. Thirty minutes later, Karen felt her strength return, buoyed by her new friend who clearly knew the value of a traveling companion.

Finally Karen and her friend made it to the finish line. She was exhausted and overwhelmed, but grateful. Grateful she had endured and grateful for a friend who helped her along the way.


Father, when the race is too much for me, give me strength for the journey.

Thank You for the friends I have along the way.

Help me to finish with confidence. Amen.

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