Saint Marina

I post this today, because my sister’s best friend is Marina and I never knew it was a nickname for Margaret.

Reading from the Synaxarion:  Aghia Marina lived during the reign of Claudius II (268-270). She was from Pisidia of Cilicia and the only daughter of a  pagan priest. On being orphaned by her mother, she was handed over to a  Christian woman who instructed her in the Faith of Christ and instilled in her great faith


When she was fifteen years old, she was apprehended by the ruler of Olmbrius, (I have no idea where this is)  and asked her name, homeland, and faith.  She dutifully answered: “My name is Marina; I am the offspring of the Pisidia, a mountainous region in Tarsus (central Turkey) ; and for my faith, I call upon the Name of my Lord Jesus Christ.”   This got her imprisoned, during which she suffered many whippings, starvation and ultimately was  beheaded in 270 AD after which a stigmata appeared upon her hands and feet.

 Saint Marina is especially invoked for deliverance from demonic possession


.Kontakion in the Third Tone  (remember our prayers are sung like the Psalms)

Adorned with the beauty of Purity, O Virgin;

crowned with the stigmata of martyrdom;

stained with the blood of your struggles;

and brilliantly radiant with healing wonders,

piously, O Marina,

you received the trophy of victory for your struggles.

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