Most powerful prayers in the Bible

from the Foreward…10-1-2014 9-57-39 PM

There are many facets to the language of prayer.

To pray is to open our lives to God’s overcoming love, which is continually reaching out to us. It is to communicate from the heart with him as our most trusted Friend. It is to worship him for who he is, to sing with joy to him, to thank him for his blessings, and to cry out to him in our pain and grief.

It is to confess our sins and receive his forgiveness, his restoration, and his healing. It is to seek his guidance and wisdom when we feel lost or confused. And it is to embrace the practice of intercession as we go to him on behalf of others.

But prayer is not merely telling God how things are with us and asking him for what we want. It is also learning to listen to God in the quiet places of our hearts as he reveals how things are with him and tells us what he expects from us.

The Bible is the ultimate textbook on prayer. There are literally hundreds of examples of people who have met their challenges by praying. And there are the prayers themselves—this book has 101 of them…during the next few months, we will hit some of them…Enough so you will know whether this book is the one for you, but not all, so when you get it you still have some surprises.

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