Most Powerful Prayers #8: Strengthened by Grace

Philippians 4:23  May you all continue the journey with your spirits strengthened by the grace of the Lord Jesus, the Anointed One. [Amen.] The Voice

The Voice uses the “Yahweh” and “Messiah” as terms for God and Jesus, respectively.  They do this because they feel it is more in tune with the original languages (Hebrew and Greek) and points out exactly their status.

The name the Voice itself hearkens to the first lines of Genesis, Light and the Word so that the word comes from the Voice that breaks into the Void and makes light.  Poetically it is a very pretty metaphor and I liked it so much, I bought the version from ChristianBooks and used it for reading through the Bible for year.  What I did not like about the Voice was the lack of footnotes, but some do not want that as they feel it interferes with the flow of reading the Bible.



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