We are driven

Remember the old Datsun ad from the 1980's We are driven.?  Well if not here's a copy of the ad from an eBay page. I mention it because I was reminded of it when reading a book, from the 00's btw, so written relatively recently,  about how we are still so, despite the advent of … Continue reading We are driven

New Year’s Resolutions and Procrastination

 Do not brag about tomorrow, For you do not know what each day may bring .  -- Proverbs 27:1, KJV Matthew Henry, the great American Puritan wrote that this passage is about not being  tardy  because life is not in your power, so instead of making a resolution of what you will do tomorrow or "Next Year" … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions and Procrastination

The Friendship Trap

             " The friendships of the world are often confederacies in vice, or what we  politely  term "leagues of pleasure".  Nothing can lead you astray like a "friend".                   California Farmer and Journal of Useful Sciences, Volume 3, March 1855

A Midwinter’s Tune; the Huron’s Song

The lyrics were written by Jesse Edgar Middleton who was born Wellington County, Ontario, November 3, 1872, died May 27, 1960, in Toronto, Ont.  He was a member of the  United Church and while trained as teacher, he turned to journalism in 1895 wherein he became Montreal Herald's correspondent in Quebec.It was during this time … Continue reading A Midwinter’s Tune; the Huron’s Song

Advent Hymnal: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

The lyrics are below but the music score is here in pdf form. It is originally a Latin 7 verse poem that dates back to the 8th century. It was used in a call and response fashion during the vespers, or evening, service. The original text created the reverse acrostic "ero cras," which means "I … Continue reading Advent Hymnal: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Not blessed, just happy

Reading in the Common English Bible the Beatitudes, I got struck that Blessed was replaced by the very secular "Happy".  The only way Blessed is equivalent to Happy is one who is blessed is happy but if you turn it around, in the famous Aristotelian syllogism: Happy is not always Blessed i.e. I am happy … Continue reading Not blessed, just happy

Quotes: Campbell on Planning

We must be willing to get rid of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is awaiting us.                     Joseph Campbell, educator, writerWhile raised a Christian, Joseph Campbell converted to Hinduism later in life.  Nevertheless, this quote is heavily based on Christ's teaching, … Continue reading Quotes: Campbell on Planning