Sacred Spaces: Olomouc, Moravia

Not a church, though the Czech Republic has plenty of them, this is a “plague” column dedicated to the Holy Trinity for seeing the survivors through extreme bouts of the plague which hit Moravia at the start of the 18th century.


Although the city already had one plague column at that time, the citizens thought it was not spectacular enough. Once it was finished, the Holy Trinity Column immediately became a source of immeasurable pride for the people of Olomouc, who already at that time uncovered its unique nature and artistic value. Their love for this work was so great that when the city was under siege, they set out to plead with the Prussian general to tell his soldiers not to shoot at their column.

An Open Air Church

The Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc was conceived on the basis of the symbolism of the heavenly hierarchy. Over three levels, you can see statues of saints, relief work depicting the apostles and the personification of the Virtues. Above them you can see the sculptural group of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and at the very top of the column, is the Holy Cross.

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