The Red Wine Hoax

Seems that the red wine research was fabricated and everything attributed to reservatrol is a fake as the data was falsified by Dr. Dipak Das, director of the Cardiovascular Research Center at the UConn in Farmington. Frankly I did not buy into it, because it gave me a headache, other than that, I have to … Continue reading The Red Wine Hoax

77 Reasons for you to be Slushed

The Writer magazine,  likes this book, 77 Reasons Why Your Book Was Rejected by Literary Agent Mike Nappa.  The letter,  err lessons, are taken from what Mike's  agency Nappaland has actually sent out so it is like the Tumblr site Slushpile from Hell b except it is in book format, and of course better written.Slushpile, now it's own site, is witty … Continue reading 77 Reasons for you to be Slushed