We are driven

Remember the old Datsun ad from the 1980's We are driven.?  Well if not here's a copy of the ad from an eBay page. I mention it because I was reminded of it when reading a book, from the 00's btw, so written relatively recently,  about how we are still so, despite the advent of … Continue reading We are driven

New Year’s Resolutions and Procrastination

 Do not brag about tomorrow, For you do not know what each day may bring .  -- Proverbs 27:1, KJV Matthew Henry, the great American Puritan wrote that this passage is about not being  tardy  because life is not in your power, so instead of making a resolution of what you will do tomorrow or "Next Year" … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions and Procrastination

The Friendship Trap

             " The friendships of the world are often confederacies in vice, or what we  politely  term "leagues of pleasure".  Nothing can lead you astray like a "friend".                   California Farmer and Journal of Useful Sciences, Volume 3, March 1855