Calendars for the New Year

I picked this up for mother in law for a Christmas gift at they were having a sale of $1.00 postage and 30% off so I thought that was pretty good and got a few for gifts.  This one  I think it is just wonderful.  Here are the first pages from it so you … Continue reading Calendars for the New Year

The Ames Bros. for Christmas

You can hear it here , but  it was originally a poem by Tom T. Hall in 1881.  The musical version was somewhat updated for the Ames Bros version. I will be updating it as I catch the lyrics if you can help me out that would be great.Jolly old St. Nicholas, Lean your ear this … Continue reading The Ames Bros. for Christmas

Jews for Christmas Songs

The Ames Brothers have the distinction of being only one of seven recording artists that have multiple albums on two different record labels in the 1st Tier of the Yule Log's Top 500 (albums 1-125) the 1957 Coral Records LP The Sounds Of Christmas Harmony (#106) and the 1957 RCA Records LP There'll Always Be … Continue reading Jews for Christmas Songs


Resolution •Pronunciation: re-zê-lu-shên • Hear it! Part of Speech: Noun Meaning: 1 A dedicated promise or firm commitment or decision to do something.2. A formal decision, rule, or law. 3. A solution or means of ending a problem oneself. 4. Reduction of a substance to its elementary constituents, as the resolution of sunlight into different colors. 5. Fineness of detail, as a … Continue reading Resolution

Renunciation as a Political/Military Strategy

This is an interesting bit, about renunciation and martyrdom.  Christianity is the quintessential religion of martyrdom. From its inception—beginning with Jesus followed by his disciples and the early Church—many Christians have accepted martyrdom rather than recant their faith, whether it be  in ancient times at the hands of Romans, in Medieval or in modern times … Continue reading Renunciation as a Political/Military Strategy