on Creativity and doing what you love

David Shenk, a writer for the Atlantic Journal and author of, The Genius in All of Us, in an interview on the WSJ several years ago, talked about finding your genius.

Question: How do we go about finding the genius in all of us? What steps we can take to unlock latent talent?
David Shenk: Find the thing you love to do, and work and work and work at it. Don’t be discouraged by failure; realize that high achievers thrive on failure as a motivating mechanism and as instruction guide on how to get better.”

You can read more from Shenk  in his article for the Atlantic Magazine,  Finding your Talent. 

Other books on the same subject that I thought good, so many aren’t

1. The Talent Code                                             by Daniel Coyle
2. Talent is Overrated: What really separates … by Geoff Colvin

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