Far from Nazareth in spirit

There is nothing biblical about Tel Aviv, Israel, which according to a Christian legend, was named after named after Noah’s son, Japhet. (see below) Instead the city was founded in 1909 as a Jewish garden suburb on the ancient Mediterranean port of Jaffa (Arabic, now called Yafo Hebrew).

 Most of Israel’s large corporations are headquartered in Tel Aviv or what many locals call “Miami on the Sea”.

The resemblance is rather startling.

The Antiquities of the Jews — Flavius Josephus (a Jewish Rabbi &  Historian around 100 AD born in to a very wealthy Jerasuleum family.  Britannica considers him a “vain, callous and faulty historian.  That was pretty much what my Classics professor said as well when we studied some of his works.)

Japhet (Hebrew, meaning large, broad & fair), is the son of Noah (see Genesis v:32 where when Noah was 500 years old he had fathered 3 sons, Shem,  Ham and Japheth (note the spelling difference  HETH in Hebrew being “Courtyard “.  There is no Japhet in the Bible).  In Chronicles, Japheth is called “the elder” to Shem so it would seem that the correct ordering of Noah’s sons would be Ham, Japheth and then Shem.

Japheth had 7 sons named Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan,  Tubal,  Meshech and Tiras.

According to Flavius Josephus, they inhabited the area from the (Turkish)

mountains of Taurus (the red range on the left)  to the (Moroccan) mountains of  Amanus, and then proceeded along Asia, as far as the river Tansis (haven’t a clue), and then into  Europe to Cadiz on the Iberian peninsula (which you can see is just north of Morocco).

They settled themselves on the lands which they lit upon,  none  which had previously been inhabited, and they called the nations by their own names.

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