Checking the Dictionary WRATHFULLY out

Wrath, is defined from the Online Etymology Dictionary as “anger with strength”.

O.E. wræððu “anger,” from wrað “angry” (see wroth) + -þu , fromP.Gmc. -itho (as in strength, width etc.).

The World Dictionary  says,  #2, divine vengeance or retribution ; that is the typical understanding.
Now when  looking around at various dictionaries, I was amazed how few mentioned meaning #2, as though Divine Vengeance no longer existed, or was part of the vocabulary or thought process.  

MacMillian Dictionary just says “extreme anger.”

American Heritage, Merriam Webster 11th ditto. says that the “divine” version only exists in the British version of the word, so next time you look or buy a dictionary, check out WRATH and see how it measures up.  You may be unhappily surprised.

World English Dictionary
wrath (rɒθ) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]n
1.angry, violent, or stern indignation
2.divine vengeance or retribution
3.archaic a fit of anger or an act resulting from anger

4.obsolete incensed; angry
[Old English wrǣththu; see wroth ]

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