Ralph Wald Trine & In Tune

I just finished reading, In tune with the Infinite by Ralph Waldo Trine.

Within yourself lies the cause of whatever enters into your life. To come into the full realization of your own awakened inner powers is to be able to condition your life in exact accord with what you would have it.

I read that over and over.  I change and edit everything I touch and yet everytime I try to edit that I can’t think of a way to improve it without diminishing it.  That’s an odd thought…it reads antiquely and yet despite that it somehow manages to stand on its own.  Perhaps it’s the start of the thought…within yourself…yes, that’s the ticket.  We would say

The cause of whatever comes into your life, is first found within yourself,  and once you fully realize that,  and admit to your own inner power,  then and only then,  will you be able to live your life in accordance with what you want.

You can read the whole thing over here   from the University of PA or listen to it  here from Librivox.