How to deal with the wicked and the lost..from Ezekiel

Do you think that I like to see wicked people die? says the Sovereign LORD. Of course not! I want them to turn from their wicked ways and live.”
Ezekiel 18:23, NLT

This struck me today because my niece Kylie has a son named Ezekiell, two ll’s so he would be different not one. Not after the prophet though everyone thinks so, but because she heard it in the hospital after she gave birth and thought it pretty. I am not sure if another mother was having an Ezekiell or if they were paging an Ezekiel. I forgot that part, but it always gets me that she named her son after the Prophet and didn’t know it; sometimes I wonder if she actually knows how to spell the name but I think then I’m jaded.

I remember when I told her that there was a Book of Ezekiel in the Bible she honestly said to me, How cool is that? I was floored. It’s not a bad name, it’s rather cute for the kid, but not to know? That stunned me…that still stuns me.  Sometimes I think she was joking.

Let’s backtrack. Her father, my brother-in-law, grew up an atheist in a home of good strong atheists of Mayflower stock. Then he met & married my sister Helen and converted. I don’t know how she got him to do this, she says he wanted to, and I guess he must have because I can’t see her as the reforming type. So my bro became faithful, attending church, learning hymns, praying at dinner and so on & all was fine. Their daughter, little Kylie, attended a private religious school and it seemed rather funny when she prayed over her paternal grandmother‘s grave with rosaries when no one, least of all Greta, was Catholic. It gave us something to chuckle about and be thankful that at least she was growing up faithful.

Somewhere in the deluge though, my bro lost that faith. I no more understand that then I do how he got it. Slowly or was it suddenly? However it happened, he returned to his boyhood atheistic ways and now is almost vehement at holidays that we are all celebrating a “hoax”. It becomes a bit much, him being so antagonistic but they say the worst reformers were the greatest believers and vice-verse.

Last Christmas after years of enduring this, his wife went to our cousins and celebrated Christmas with them and the Denier stayed home and watched football and drinking beer. Happy Holidays buddy! I think she called him, but then I could be wrong.

So he believes in strings now. The world is made and is, of strings. He gave my husband V lots of books on String Theory ; he had read and finished them all & had been wondering what to do with them as he knew no one interested in the idea. V likes physics, he minored in it in college where I met him and so that worked out well. The Denier then told us, that god was in there, as a string or maybe a totem pole; I think in the end it’s the same.

So father like daughter and Kylie too believes in Strings though she calls it Buddha and has more dolls, icons and paraphernalia about her and Ezekiell than a nun. Seems she took all her Catholic iconography with her, but wrapped it in a string.

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