Poll: Christianity is too costly to implement

The question here is that the new Missouri Amendment implies that Creationism is given short shrift in the education system and that Christians are being persecuted for those beliefs.
Incredibly on this poll that I just took, the YES or the agreement to the above was always in the minority with typically Republicans agreeing.  The NO was the majority with Democrats and Independents  being always against religious rights.

For some reason people still do not realize that creation-evolution is not proven science.  You would never guess how many people I talk to who believe that evolution, not as Darwin suggested as a developmental phase, but as a creation tool, believe it is scientific fact.  It is called :Intelligent Design: because scientists object to using the scientifically valid word, :evolution: and I agree.   ID while it gets a lot of media attention is as unproven as creationism.  Somehow that message just isn’t getting out.

I for the record, am a creationist, until they can prove otherwise.  And that I sincerely doubt.


Critics, probably those Democrats in the majority if you ask me and their fellow bedmates, trial lawyers & trade unionists, state that the Missouri Amendment will be costly to integrate into the state as well as potentially litigious.
 Democrats overwhelmingly agreed with that, and they should know, while Republicans disagreed.

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