God gave us the fish and moon and skies

Docks at Cannes, FrancesIf ever there was an answer to Psalm 42, Psalm 8 is it.  Actually because it is so early on it is supposed to be a reminder of all that God has given us,  to help buck us up when things go wrong.Most health advice agrees:  when things are going against you … Continue reading God gave us the fish and moon and skies

Ethiopian Christians beheaded in Maghreb Massacre

ISIL, the men in black masks,  have massacred Ethiopian Christians on a Libyan Beach,just like what they did with the Egyptians 2 months ago, because they are of a "treacherous church".    There is also a 29 minute video that seems to have made the waves depicting this barbarous  act  but of course it could … Continue reading Ethiopian Christians beheaded in Maghreb Massacre

How Cadbury makes those Easter {Creme} Eggs

The factory goes through a ton of chocolate a day and they use chocolate liquor  and not as I thought chocolate powder.  Chocolate liquor is is not the "alcoholic liquer" of the Godiva chocolate brandy, but a liquid made by grinding the nib, meat, of the cocoa bean and then heating up to its liquidification … Continue reading How Cadbury makes those Easter {Creme} Eggs

Christians hold steady, Jews fall, Muslims grow.

Christians hold steady, Jews fall, Muslims grow or so says the Pew Research in their latest religious poll.  Of  course , the big news is that Muslims Are Rising  the fastest in the US, is no surprise to anyone particularly since 9/11 as our political leaders have lead the charge for America embracing Moslems in … Continue reading Christians hold steady, Jews fall, Muslims grow.

Religious word PADDHEREEN

Paddherreen, the priest's marefrom new Sporting magazine c. 1838Attached is the ONLY record of this word i could find. From the New Sporting magazine published, 1838. Obviously OED has a better algorithm.paddhereen, n.[' A bead of the rosary. Also: the rosary. Earliest in fig. context.']Pronunciation: Brit. /padəˈriːn/,  U.S. /ˌpædəˈrin/,  Irish English /padəˈrin/Forms:  16 padderine,   17 padderen,   17 19– paddereen,   18 padhereen,   18 paudereen,   18– padareen,   19– paddhereen,   19– padhren,   19– paidreen,   19– paidrin. Etymology: <  Irish paidrín rosary, rosary bead <  paidir the Lord's prayer (Early Irish paiter; <  classical … Continue reading Religious word PADDHEREEN

Bright Days

Bright Week is the first week that follows the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ and ends the next Sunday, which is also called "St. Thomas Sunday" (in commemoration of Apostle Thomas' request for physical proof of the Resurrection of Christ). For Orthodox Christians, Bright Week is the beginning of a celebration period that lasts … Continue reading Bright Days

April 12, The Great and Holy Pascha

Great and Holy Pascha Reading from the Synaxarion: Mary Magdalene, and the other women who were present at the burial of our Saviour on Friday evening, returned from Golgotha to the city and prepared fragrant spices and myrrh, so that they might anoint the body of Jesus. On the morrow, because of the law which … Continue reading April 12, The Great and Holy Pascha

Holy Saturday, Descent into Hell

On Saturday, the high priests and Pharisees gathered together before Pilate and asked him to have Jesus' tomb sealed until the third day; because, as those enemies of God said, "We suspect that His disciples will come and steal His buried body by night, and then proclaim to the people that His resurrection is true, … Continue reading Holy Saturday, Descent into Hell

Da Vinci Monument, Italia

The da Vinci monument in Milan’s Piazza della Scala.  The same family built the La Scala Opera House in Milan. Today, April 15th, is his birthday,.It was erected in 1872 to honour the great Leonardo da Vinci and was sculpted by Pietro Magni.  It shows, see on the right, da Vinci standing on a large … Continue reading Da Vinci Monument, Italia