Christians hold steady, Jews fall, Muslims grow.

Christians hold steady, Jews fall, Muslims grow or so says the Pew Research in their latest religious poll.  Of  course , the big news is that Muslims Are Rising  the fastest in the US, is no surprise to anyone particularly since 9/11 as our political leaders have lead the charge for America embracing Moslems in … Continue reading Christians hold steady, Jews fall, Muslims grow.

Religious word PADDHEREEN

Paddherreen, the priest's marefrom new Sporting magazine c. 1838Attached is the ONLY record of this word i could find. From the New Sporting magazine published, 1838. Obviously OED has a better algorithm.paddhereen, n.[' A bead of the rosary. Also: the rosary. Earliest in fig. context.']Pronunciation: Brit. /padəˈriːn/,  U.S. /ˌpædəˈrin/,  Irish English /padəˈrin/Forms:  16 padderine,   17 padderen,   17 19– paddereen,   18 padhereen,   18 paudereen,   18– padareen,   19– paddhereen,   19– padhren,   19– paidreen,   19– paidrin. Etymology: <  Irish paidrín rosary, rosary bead <  paidir the Lord's prayer (Early Irish paiter; <  classical … Continue reading Religious word PADDHEREEN