Religious word PADDHEREEN

Paddherreen, the priest’s mare
from new Sporting magazine c. 1838
Attached is the ONLY record of this word i could find. From the New Sporting magazine published, 1838. Obviously OED has a better algorithm.
[‘ A bead of the rosary. Also: the rosary. Earliest in fig. context.’]
Pronunciation: Brit. /padəˈriːn/,  U.S. /ˌpædəˈrin/,  Irish English /padəˈrin/
Forms:  16 padderine,   17 padderen,   17 19– paddereen,   18 padhereen,   18 paudereen,   18– padareen,   19– paddhereen,   19– padhren,   19– paidreen,   19– paidrin
Etymology: <  Irish paidrín rosary, rosary bead <  paidir the Lord’s prayer (Early Irish paiter; <  classical Latin pater father (see pater n.2), the first word of the prayer: see paternoster n.) + -ín -een suffix2.
 Irish English.

  A bead of the rosary. Also: the rosary. Earliest in fig. context.

In quot. 1689 with reference to bullets.

1689 Apol. Failures G. Walker’s Acct. Siege of Derry 26 While the Hand of the Church is preparing Mandates, with a Present of Leaden Padderines to be sent Post by the French and Irish to Saint Patrick in Purgatory.
1762  O. Goldsmith Citizen of World 19 Dublin. We hear that there is a benevolent subscription on foot among the nobility and gentry..,in order to assist Black and All Black, in his contest with the Padderen mare.
1787  A. O’Leary Defence 31 The Marriage of Figaro represented on the French Stage did not raise more humour..than did their extraordinary marriage of the Paddereen and the Common Prayer-book, in the diocese of Cloyne.
1833  W. Carleton Traits & Stories III. A. 314, I could..have her thumpin’ her breast, an’ countin her Padareens in no time.
1849  S. Lover Rory O’More 107 Padhereens is the name the Irish give to their beads, upon which they count the number of Paters (or Pathers) they repeat, and hence the name.
1918  P. MacGill Glenmornan viii. 199 He hasn’t been in at the Paidreen one night, at all.
1953  M. Traynor Eng. Dial. Donegal 206/1 Paidrin,..the Rosary. Say the paidrin.
1998  T. P. Dolan Dict. Hiberno-Eng. (1999) 192/1 Paddhereen, the Rosary..(also padhrenpadareenpaddhereen).

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