Ethiopian Christians beheaded in Maghreb Massacre

ISIL, the men in black masks,  have massacred Ethiopian Christians on a Libyan Beach,just like what they did with the Egyptians 2 months ago, because they are of a “treacherous church”.    There is also a 29 minute video that seems to have made the waves depicting this barbarous  act  but of course it could be hopefully faked.  Both  the news from USA today and the article above from the London Times have yet to confirm it from Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, so there is a slim hope, but even the Times editorial admits that’s it  doubtful that this is a trumped image.

ISIL chose a Libyan beach,  because it’s becoming clearer as the weeks go by that the fall of Qaddafi has destabilized Libya and ISIL wants to ensure that it falls into chaos; probably to add it to their “State”..  I know that the end of the article says that it is continued on pg. 21 but I couldn’t find.  sorry.

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