The Kurds

I am currently reading a book on the Kurds and Syria by Kerim Yildiz published in 2005 by Pluto Press of London....I'll be sharing the highlights as I go along.Today‚Äôs Kurdish population is believed to be descended from the Hurri, Guti, Kurti, Medes, Mittanni, Hittites, Mard, Carduchi, Gordyene, Adiabene, Zila and Khaldi kingdoms that ruled … Continue reading The Kurds

The Good Book as State Literature

The majority of Tennesseans, regardless of party, support making the Bible the official state book, according to the latest edition of the Vanderbilt poll. The poll, released Wednesday, shows 60 percent of respondents favor making the Bible the state book. That number drops somewhat among Democrats and Independents, but at least 50 percent of both … Continue reading The Good Book as State Literature