London Daily News on Batak Massacre

Daily Scripture Readings and Lives of the Saints for Sunday, May 17, 2015Feasts and Saints celebrated today:    1.  Sunday of the Blind Man     2. The New Martyrs of Batak, BulgariaI have never heard of the Batak massacre and was interested in these new martyrs.  It seems that it made headlines as one of … Continue reading London Daily News on Batak Massacre

Women’s Lib in ISIS

 “The certificate does say that the wife’s terms are that of if the caliph consents then she is allowed to go on a martyrdom operation and her husband can’t forbid her from doing so.“Nowhere does it refer to 'orders', nowhere does it suggest this is actually happening and nowhere does it suggest that this is … Continue reading Women’s Lib in ISIS

Coptic Egyptian texts found in Oz

Archaeology Today is reporting that a 20 page codex  ( an unbound manuscript of ancient classical texts) has been found written in Coptic Egyptian, in a museum in Australia.  If nothing else this is  more proof that that Coptic and not Arabic is the natural language of Egypt.The  1300 year old codex mixes Orthodox Christian … Continue reading Coptic Egyptian texts found in Oz

Serializing fiction

WordPress has a few books and some documentation on how to serialize your book, but I have never really read it as I've never taken the idea seriously.  Recently though, I have begun to think otherwise, still I have commenced on nothing but I imagine that thinking is the first part.This article from the Washington … Continue reading Serializing fiction