Dzhohkar gets the chair

It seems that the defence's argument was that he was a fatherless boy that had no real male role model in his life other than Tamerlane, his brother,  Thankfully that did not stick and he gets the chair nonetheless.  My family in Boston believes in reality Dzho, will spend time going from appeal to appeal … Continue reading Dzhohkar gets the chair

Nepal’s Kumari and the Quake

Amid the devastation of Kathmandu's Durbar Square, where the old royal palace and Hindu temples were reduced to rubble by last week's earthquake, one house decorated with carvings of deities stands almost unscathed: the home of the Kumari, the city's living child-goddess and the nation's protector. "We believe it was her powers that might have … Continue reading Nepal’s Kumari and the Quake

Palmyra Syria, falls

Palmyra is old.  It has been called the “Venice of the Sands” and was an oasis of date palms and gardens dating from 3 AD.  It was been designated a site of Outstanding Universal Value by Unesco because of  ‘Its grand, colonnaded street of 1100 metres’ length forms the monumental axis of the city, which together … Continue reading Palmyra Syria, falls