Palmyra Syria, falls

Palmyra is old.  It has been called the “Venice of the Sands” and was an oasis of date palms and gardens dating from 3 AD.  It was been designated a site of Outstanding Universal Value by Unesco because of  ‘Its grand, colonnaded street of 1100 metres’ length forms the monumental axis of the city, which together with secondary colonnaded cross streets links the major public monuments including the Temple of Ba’al, Diocletian’s Camp, the Agora, theatre, other temples and urban quarters’
But now Palmyra is in the hands of ISIS and like Nimrud will probably be destroyed because Islamic State militants seized full control of the Syrian city of Palmyra  as well as  a nearby military base. Here’s a video on the archaeological significance.  It was a big tourist attraction previously; now it will be sold off piecemeal to rich collectors.  Of course the city is another thing.