The home of the cyclops

I have always thought they were coming back from the East; Troy was Anatolia and they lived on the Aegean, but it seems that is wrong. Instead, Odysseus lived on the West side of Greece and so came via Ionia and through Aci Trezza where he & his crew, encountered the Cyclops in Homer’s epic The Odyssey.

The picture shown, is a sea of black lava rising up from the crystal-like waters and where Odysseus was hurled by the ogre Polyphemus, who was supposed to be a tall and rugged as an alp, and fuming because Odysseus had thrust thrusting a flaming stake into his only eye,

Our hero then escaped with his companions by clinging to the bellies of rams belonging to the Cyclops, so he could come home to his loyal and beloved wife, Penelope.  Iason (Jason) later used the same ruse with the Argonauts.And what this has to do with the Bible I haven’t a clue, but I love the story anyhow.

Today, May 26th, I hear that Lionsgate will be making a new movie based on the epic. You can read more about that here and catchup on the SparksNotes (Barnes and Nobles CliffNotes or Readers Digest Condensed Books) version over here to prepare for it.